.04/01/18                                                                                  Volume 2 Issue 15

                                                    Best You Guru

                                    Too Busy

 Are you too busy? Do you lack time? Do you find yourself saying these words or thinking these thoughts? Do you always seem too busy to live the life you truly want? It may be April Fool’s day but don’t be a fool. Do not fool yourself. Although this is the first day of April it does not grant you the privilege of fooling yourself. People use too busy as an excuse. People enjoy the thought of being busy. People like telling others they are too busy. They take the position they are important if they are busy. Being busy reflects importance, or so some think. People enjoy telling people they have no time. Telling the world and themselves they are too busy provides them the illusion of importance. The truth is people are not too busy to achieve more. The busyness excuse provides them cover from the truth. The truth is we have the time to accomplish more. Being busy is an excuse. Busy provides cover from being alone with yourself and your thoughts. Being busy prevents you from holding yourself accountable for the achievement of your potential. People maintain a busyness to avoid the boredom of their thoughts. Too many people want a better life but they do not know who they are because they are too busy being busy. People occupy their time for the events deemed worthy by societal norms. You will find the time if you stop the busyness and listen to your potential. It is there. The reason for this busyness is not because people lack the time. The reason for this busyness is because people lack the skills to live their potential.


We are socialized to become addicted to the thought of being busy. Being busy establishes an illusion of importance. The truth is the majority of people in our society do not know they could do more. The vision of individual greatness has vanished. The gifts of greatness have been replaced with busyness. Too many people have been convinced there is not the time to live to their potential. Stop where you are in life and realize your truth. I do not know anyone having more demands on their time than Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, or a host of people changing the world. Successful people don’t use the excuse of being too busy to accomplish what they desire. So why should we? Amy Hendrickson, a musician who is not a billionaire, who has not appeared on the cover of Time, and is not known by the majority, has the time to live her potential. Amy is living to her greatness. Authentic personal greatness is not defined by others. True individual greatness can only be defined by individual potential. Personal achievement should not be left to others to define. You were born alone and you will die alone. Your potential has been with you always. It is your gift to use or abuse. Graveyards are full of unused potential. Your mission was to leave it here. The human spirit was not designed to take a potential to the grave. Become the fighter of your dreams. Fight for you because no one will fight for you as hard as you. Do not expect anyone to sacrifice more for you than you. Leave in all in the ring is the motto of a true fighter. Win, lose, or draw, leave it all in the ring. Once the bell rings, it is over. Once you die, it is over. Design your life to achieve.

Too busy is a lie. Stop hiding behind the lie of too busy. Live and achieve your gift of potential. If you do not challenge your belief system you will always live under the illusion of being too busy. Your life will never change for the better unless you change your belief system. Your belief system has created your current life circumstances. You have to improve your belief system to improve your life. Become the vision of the adult the child of your past envisioned.

Stop being too busy and start achieving your dreams.   

Action step: Every day for 2 weeks write down one and only one goal for the day. The focus of that day is that one goal. Eliminate the list for the day, the Facebook comments that must have your response and all other behaviors that do not help with that one goal. Focus only on that goal. Everything else is secondary.                 

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