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The world is a noisy place. Beyond the noise of traffic, trains, and noises of modern society there are people. Social media, television, radio, and other voices of communication are all around us. Voices tell us who to be, what to think, and how to live. Some of the voices are helpful and many are just noise. Rise above the noise and hear what is worthy. Hear what is spoken to you and not at you. Hear what is meant for you and ignore what is pure noise. Know and recognize the difference. Recognize the noise of the world and come to appreciate the sounds that enable you to grow and enjoy the world. Listen to the sounds that nurture your soul. Be mindful of the beautiful sounds. Calm the mind and allow the sounds to comfort your soul. Be mindful of the silent sound of nature, the soul-soothing words of love, and be reassured by your positive self-talk. There is a calmness found in the self-recognition of your words of positive reassurance. Tell yourself the truth about yourself and not what the world has said about you. You are a great person with the potential to live and experience your dreams. Tell yourself these words. Tell yourself these words often. Drown the noise with the truth.       

The calm of a Fighter

Be mindful that living your potential requires calm mindfulness. It is the calm mind that wins the fight. We come into the world fighting, we fight to live, and we fight during death. Fighting is a natural state of existence. Fighting is not something to fear or avoid. It is something that each person should accept and understand. Fighting has a natural purpose. Become a fighter for you and your greatenss. Become the world champion of your purpose. Your seeds of greatness deserve a world champion fighter. Become that fighter. Each person controls their perceptions and abilities fighting requires. People have to fight to be free. People fight to live. People have to fight battles throughout life. The secret to successful fighting is perception. We are presented a false sense of reality when our perceptions are clouded by an anxious mind. Life is constantly changing and the battles found in change can create a natural fear. Fear can freeze muscles and confuse the mind. It is an anxious mind, distressing emotions, and unglued actions that loses the fight. Within every fight, there is a winner. Within every winner, there is a fighter. The winner is the one who stays calm and understands the necessity of such battles. There is a calmness to the mind of a fighter who understands fighting is natural and that has prepared for this natural event. The winner is the calm in the fight. It is the loser who thrashes about and strikes in anger. The winner is prepared for the calmness required of the victor.         

Mindful and Calm

Be mindful of your purpose and calm on your path. Things will advance to your favor if you are mindful of the distracting noises and calm in the fight. These times are not as dangerous as the noise suggest and your abilities are greater than you believe. You are much more than your past achievements. People sacrifice much of their strength to the noise of the world and succumb to the seductive unhinged emotions of the uncertainty of change. The only path to personal happiness is to walk your path of purpose with mindfulness of your purpose and the calmness of a prepared accomplished mind. If no one has told you, I will. You have everything within you that is required to live a happy and purposed-filled life. Invest in you, believe in you, and your purpose. Be mindful of your purpose and calm in your approach. 

Action step: Understand what is noise and what is useful. Tonight, right before you go to sleep, write down the five most memorable events that happened in your life that day. Do this as the last thing you do today. Do not think about their importance. Do it quickly. Allow no more than 30 seconds. Write down the first five things that come into your mind.    

Next, evaluate whether they were positive or negative events. Draw a line through the most negative event.

Of the remaining events, evaluate their level of importance. Draw a line through the two least important. 

Of the remaining events, evaluate the event that created the most discomfort. Draw a line through that event.

Now the remaining event. Was it useful? If so write down how and save that piece of paper. Was it just noise? If it was noise draw a line through it because you already gave it too much attention. 

Now go to sleep. You have learned what was most useful today. The past is useful for learning. You recalled the five most rememberable issues and learned from the most important. Learning from the past, remembering the joyful moments of the past and not repeating the controllable negatives are the gifts of the past. Use the past for its purpose. Tomorrow is meant for living  

Be mindful and calm in your journey. You are loved. 

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