03/15/19                                                                                           Volume 3 Issue 38

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Imagine a football player knowing every offensive play and every offensive player’s assignment. A football player knowing what every offensive player is supposed to do on every offensive play. This player is not the quarterback. This player often knew more than the coaches about a particular play during a game. Surprised? This player is an offensive receiver. This receiver not only knows his routes on every play but he knows the other receivers’ routes, the blocking assignments of the guards and tackles, the assignments of the running backs, and the responsibility of the quarterback. He has the knowledge to play every offensive position. Now imagine that this player is not a professional football player. This player is not even a college football player. Not a high school football player. This player is a 5th grader. A 5th grader knows what every player is supposed to do on every offensive play. 

This seems like an impossible task. This young man studied the playbook and wanted to be an asset to the team. He was not the top athlete on the team. He was not the fastest player on the team. He was not the biggest player. He was just the best player he could be. He used his gift of potential. He used his gifts of greatness. He depended on other players to do their best to win football games. So, he did what he expected of others. He did his best. He was never offsides. The offside penalty is the penalty most often called against football receiver. The receiver wants to get a jump on the defender so the receiver often starts too soon. Jay never jumped too soon and yet he was the number one receiver on the team. The fact that he never committed an offsides penalty or an illegal procedure penalty was remarkable. It is remarkable because Jay could not hear the signal calls from the quarterback. Jay is deaf. Jay can only read lips. As a receiver that could not hear the signal count nor could he read the lips of the quarterback. He earned the starting position not because he was the fastest, strongest, or biggest. Jay was the most dedicated receiver.

Be the starter in life. Earn the leading role in your life by using your gifts of potential. Stop judging your talent using others as a measuring stick. Start competing with your skills. You were born to achieve your inherent dreams so dedicate your talents to your dreams. It is your life so play the game of life using your potential. Play the game of life the right way. You may not be the fastest, you may not be the smartest, or you may not possess the most natural ability. But you have the skills to win the game of your life. Sometimes we all need a role model. Sometimes we need a trail blazer. Sometimes we need someone to show us what can be accomplished. Sometimes we all need a Jay to show us the way.     


Action step: Make a list of your natural talents. The talents you had as a child. The talents you had before your teenage years. Not the skills you learned in life but your natural talents. They may be covered or buried but you still possess them.

Now write down how you can use them to live a positive and productive life. This is much more difficult than it appears. This action step may take a longer period of time to complete than our typical action steps.   



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