03/15/18                                                                      Volume 2 Issue 14

                                                                     Best You Guru

          “Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken


I loved these words from the first time I heard them. Oscar Wilde provided words that should be breathed deep into our soul as we travel our path in life. These words provide wisdom to the significant moment of realization. To remain blind to yourself is the greatest depravity known to the world. Rise above the noise of the world and appreciate the most difficult person to be is yourself. It is not easy being you but greatness never comes easy. You were born with the gift of greatness. Accept this fact, remove the blinders, and rejoice in all that awaits.

No rule book or instruction guide was granted upon your birth. There are no societal rules truly representing all the knowledge required for you to be the best you. There is no one person that can provide specific and unchallengeable direction for you to be the best you. There will be thousands if not millions of people throughout your life that try and convince you of who they want you to be. But they do not know who you were intended to be. This is your responsibility. We were meant to accomplish great things. You were meant to accomplish great things and no one knows better than you what they are. The best news of all is that we were meant to determine what is considered great. Society always attempts to make us into someone else. Society needs conformity for the common good. Conforming is what we are taught but too often conforming robs us of ourselves and our gifts. The choice is yours. Conform to the common good or use your gift of greatness for the common good.   

Be like a puppy. One thing we love about puppies is they are authentic. Be authentic. People appreciate authentic people. Allow just enough societal conformity so you do pee on the floor while remaining true to your gift of greatness. Do not try to be someone else. Do not become someone you think others want you to be. People will appreciate your authenticity. People admire authenticity because that is what they wish they could be. Be authentic. Besides, why live a life always trying to determine who others want you to be. People can waste their life trying to determine who others want them to be. I do not want anyone to think, as their feet hit the floor every morning, about who they need to pretend to be today. You never lose anything by being you. By pretending to be someone else you lose. You lose you. Authenticity is linked to psychological well-being.   

“Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken.” You have an obligation to be you and live to your greatness. 

Action step: Write down the 5 best attributes you possessed between the ages of 6 and 10. Review them for a week. 

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