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Best You has a very simple mission. Our mission is to assist people in living their greatness. We believe each of us is born with unique greatness that if lived produces the happiness each of us seeks. It is not fame, fortune or popularity we truly seek. Those are societal constructs. People seek acceptance and approval for living a life as themselves.   

The Authentic Identity Theory has three foundational principles. The first principle states that we are all granted a gift of unique greatness that has a purpose in this world. Our genetic code is our foundation and the science of epigenetics allows us to understand that genetic expression is key is how the foundation impacts our life. The genetic expression can be modified and has a great impact on our quality of life.  

The second principle accepts the mission of society of requiring people to conform to society’s rules. The mission of a society is to perpetuate that society for the good of those establishing the rules of that society. In that effort, societal institutions often socialize, standardize, and sterilize the people of that society. These efforts often remove individual greatness and define greatness by means outside concern for the individual. The potential for the benefit of society takes precedence over the potential benefit for the induvial. The concern for society’s advancement takes precedence over the advancement of the individual. We believe this effort is misguided at best and hinders societal development. Focusing on developing the greatness within each of us would impact the world in a more positive manner. Advancing society does not ensure the advancement of humankind.   

The third principle of the Authentic Identity Theory states achievement is necessary to promote the inherent individual greatness and overcome society’s constraints. The theory recognizes the greatest theft in human history is the theft of human potential. Achievement, aligned with an individual’s greatness, builds on itself. Achievement begets achievement. We believe that achievement should be planned. Nothing succeeds like success. A small achievement builds into big achievements. Best You has an Achievement by Design process that assists people in living their greatness. The seeds of greatness need to be nurtured. The seeds of greatness will not bear their true fruit without the proper soil and nutrients. The wrong soil and wrong nutrients will produce fruit designed to fit a false narrative. The genetic expression will be altered to fit the needs of institutional demands if the seeds of greatness are not nurtured properly. Inherent greatness requires achievement designed to extoll the virtues of an individual’s innate greatness.    

People never seem to find their greatness because they are continually told who they are not. The truth is we are like snowflakes. We are all different. So different that we come together to blanket the earth and cover the ground softening the sounds of distractions and highlighting the sounds of silence. Listen to what is heard in the silence. 

Action step: Rise above the noise of life. Listen to what is said, not what you hear. Spend time alone in nature and listen to what nature tells you. Do your very best and listen from the perspective of the sender.   

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