03/01/19                                                                                                   Volume 3 Issue 37

                                                                Best You Guru

                                                             The Unknown Life

You will be remembered as a positive, as a negative or you will not be remembered at all. Being remembered as a positive or negative is based on the opinions of other people. Those opinions vary greatly. So positive or negative may not be of your making. You may have little control of other people’s opinions. But your remembrance is within your control. 

Your impact upon the life of another is your remembrance. You were given a gift. A gift of greatness to be remembered. A gift of greatness to make a difference. The gift of a potential impact is your gift. You may not be able to control how you are remembered but you are able to control the use of your gift of greatness. Use the gift and you will be remembered. Ignore the gift and your life will blend with the other unremembered lives.      

If you fail to live your authentic identity you leave a legacy of living the unknown life. You were given a life of authenticity. Live your authentic life. The hidden life is the unknown life. Choosing to live anything other than your authentic identity leaves the world a lesser place and your authentic life wasted. Our world needs your greatness. No one, not even you, will know the life that was meant if you fail to live your authentic identity. Do not allow your authentic identity to remain hidden. Don’t live a hidden life. People are remembered for what they give. Few people are remembered for what they keep. Share your gift of greatness. 


Action step: Make a list of the positive impacts you have made in the lives of others 

                     during the previous 12 months. 

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