03/01/18                                                                                                          Volume 2 Issue 13

Best You Guru



Stop going backward. Your future lies ahead. We are sacrificing the human potential for purposes counterproductive to personal achievement. Realization of human potential is at an all-time record level of need. Rather than discovering methods to more fully utilize our individual potential we spend our time becoming good at activities taking us further from our goals. Our world needs the gifts and talents of each individual upon this planet. The challenge facing our world is developing the potential within each of us. We need the potential of each individual to be realized for the benefit of the world. We invest in the stock of Google, Facebook, Home Depot, and an assortment of companies. We place our retirement funds into 401K and IRA programs. We invest our time into games. We look at our iPhones approximately 65 times per day. We invest so much of us into things other. If you really want to win the game of investment, invest in you. Investing in you provides the best return on your investment. Investing in you is the most critical and fundamental requirement of personal achievement. Investment is the foundation for societal growth. America’s greatness is not found in conquering others but investing in others. America’s form of democracy is found in willing participation.  

Why do so many people fail to understand personal growth operates on the investment principle. Growth is inhibited without the acknowledgment and willingness to participate in this fundamental principle of investing in one’s self. Our country’s greatness depends upon willing investment participants. Imagine our country’s economic condition if no one invested in the stock market, imagine fighters than never trained to fight fires, imagine music with untrained musicians, just imagine a world where people did not invest. Now imagine a world where the majority of people invested in personal achievement. Your willingness to invest in your personal achievement will reap rewards greater than your investment in a mutual fund. Investing in yourself will never give you a zero or negative return on investment. Investing in you is better than putting money in the bank.

Action step:      Each day for one week take the time to stop and be still for 5 minutes. No outside interference. No phone. No TV. No friends, families, or pets. Be alone in your silence for just five minutes. Think not of where life has taken you. Think of your future. At the end of 5 minutes write down onto a small piece of paper one sentence that describes one positive trait you possess. At the end of the week, you will have identified 7 positive traits upon which to build your future.