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Equity Theory

Deserve or Desire

Are you receiving what you desire or deserve? We often complain that things just don’t go “our way”. Too many people find it a normal part of life to see what they don’t have instead of being grateful for what they do have. Things will often go the way that have it has been propelled. People too often focus and highlight their lack in life. And then these same people become surprised when they find lack in the life. Lack of time, lack of money, lack of friendship, lack of good health, as well as the lack of numerous other issues. We should not be surprised that we receive what we focus on and where we spend our energies.

Socialization versus Natural

The socialization process begins early in life. Children are discouraged far more than they are encouraged. People are pampered more than pushed. People are socialized to highlight mistakes. We remember more often our low points and tend to lessen our highpoints. Mistakes seem to become the frame through which many people view their lives. They see their failures and lack as a representation of their life. This is not nature's way. It is society’s way.

A baby learning to walk once fallen down arises to walk once more, a dog with 3 legs is just as happy to walk to experience the world as opposed to a "woo is me" attitude, a bird sings at the dawn of a new day without wondering if this is the day the wings will not work and he will fall to the ground, and nature is filled with more examples. Man is the only animal that creates a life filled with the vision of lack and negative. A bear hibernates for an entire winter with the belief that when she wakes there will be plenty of food for her and her cubs. All she has to do is go forage for the opportunities.       


It is extremely difficult to ride a bicycle blindfolded, to go forward while walking backward, to breathe in while exhaling, and to live your life with a focus on what you have not accomplished. A person must take a comprehensive and truthful view of the events to have things go “your way”. Life can be successful with a clear vision and deposits into endeavors that fulfill your promise.

You will receive much negative in life if that is your focus. There will always be the lack of something stopping your success if that is your vision. Why are people surprised? We will never be what we fail to see. Research reveals that some people see a greater range of colors than the rest of us. These people are classified as tetrachromats. These people see what others don’t. The colors of the world are numerous and yet many people cannot see them. Empirical research reveals that some people are more prosperous than others. A deeper review into this research will often reveal luck and/or and equitable deposits into this prosperity. Some win the womb lottery and are born into prosperity. While others make continuing equity deposits into their prosperity account. Both experience prosperity.    


Life is an equity proposition. Relationships are built on equity. Success demands equity. Potential fulfillment necessitates equity. You must maintain the dominant equity in the relationship with yourself. Equity is required. Your equity in your life is the key factor in your success in life. You are your bank. You will find “things” not going your way if you rarely make deposits in your life. Your life will maintain a negative balance in all aspects of your life is littered with withdrawal slips. Transactional relationships are much different than friendships. Although transactional relationships can bring you a certain financial status, they will lack the care, comfort, and love of a friend. Friendship provides a reliance in life that is lacking in transactional relationships.

Quality of life is often determined by the Equity Theory. Some people may win the lottery but for the majority of people, we reap what we sow. Someone somewhere somehow must invest in your life account. Most often it is your deposit that counts the most. If you find a lacking in your life stop making deposits into that account and beginning depositing into the prosperous account. If you find things go wrong too often in your life start investing in the things that go right. I ask you to look at your life deposits. Have you invested enough equity into that endeavor to receive what you desire? Ask yourself if you made the proper deposits into that endeavor if something is not going as well as you planned.

Emotional, financial, time, health, spiritual, and educational deposits are required for your withdrawals to purchased the results you desire. It is your responsibility to make sure you maintain a positive balance in your accounts.   

Action step: 

1) Invest in yourself: Read: “The Slight Edge”

2) Invest in your friends: Reach out: Contact 1 friend per day for 1 week – let them know you care

3) Invest in your finances: Create: Prepare a personal Financial Statement and review it monthly

                    (Contact me if you need some assistance. I will help you prepare one) 


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