02/15/19                                                                                                     Volume 3 Issue 36

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                                All dressed up and no place to go 

The millennial generation is often referred to as the aimless or burned out generation. Life has always been hard. The difference is millennials have been provided a set of rules that no longer work. They are the first generation that is predicted to have a lesser life than their parents. They are living a version of corporate capitalism which is very different from American capitalism which found its strength in the purity of supply and demand. Adam Smith believed a moral component must exist within capitalism. Corporate capitalism finds no value is such a component. Purdue Pharma is an example of corporate capitalism. It is not an example of American capitalism as outlined in the works of Adam Smith. America’s historical strength is found in the brilliance of Adam Smith. The formula of supply and demand must be in balance for American capitalism to function properly. Skewing one skews the entire formula. 

Sales become a con when a person creates a need in an effort to create a sale. To convince a person of an idea or a purchase where there is no need creates a morally suspect relationship. The movement of goods and services must be a natural event for American capitalism to survive and flourish. Creating a need just to sell a product, regardless of the consequences, inhibits the progressive path of humankind. We are at a challenging time in history. This dynamic is very subjective, but as the primary principle in the book “The Slight Edge” outlines, what you do at the moment may make little difference but over time we live the accumulated results. The millennials are living the results of a bastardized version of American capitalism. Their efforts to thrive in our current economic climate has been thwarted for all but a few. They suffer from a disillusionment inhibiting their future. Leaving them with feelings of anger and hopelessness. The feeling of being burned out is your brain and body’s way of telling you that you are on the wrong path. Being burned out creates paralysis. The millennials are feeling burned out and the generation behind them may suffer as well.  

Each of us enters this world full of promise and potential. Only you can live your promise and fulfill your potential. Our greatness is unique. The person the world wants you to be will leave you empty and uneasy. A person must connect to their authentic identity and live as the improved and enhanced version of the person they were born. The authentic identity never leaves. It can become covered up with numerous expectations. It can be buried beneath the minutia of living. Remove those layers of expectations and minutia. Remove the pain of trying to live up to another person’s expectations. Live as you and you will discover a new world with limitless possibilities. I have never encountered a person that has lived life to the limit of their potential.   


Action step: Write down the three primary childhood characteristics said about you when you were a child. Were they true or did you make them come true?  

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