02/15/18                                                                       Volume 2 Issue 12

                                Best You Guru

                         Achievement or Survival

Which is the greater force in your life, achievement or survival? Your brain, your instincts, your very DNA is wired to protect and ensure that you continue breathing, bodily functions, and safety. You are hard-wired for immediate safety. You were granted a body that’s entire focus is to ensure your immediate survival. Your body operates without conscious active decision making. Your heart beats, your kidneys function, your eyes focus and the list goes on. All this without you making these decisions. All this without the conscious activation of your thought processes. You don’t have to decide to breathe. You don’t have to decide to blink. You don’t have to tell your digestive system to digest. Your body truly is a magnificent machine. Your body is self-sufficient in most respects. The instinctive self-survival mechanism provides us the time to focus on achievement. Overcoming mere survival and the opportunity to experience the wonders of our imagination is the challenge each of us must face. Achievement or survival is what many people see as their choice. To survive many people believe achievement must be sacrificed. Survival is symbiotic with achievement. A transformation in vision must take place for a person to live their potential.    

In order to achieve a person must learn to gain control of their natural gifts of survival. Govern your instincts and allow your survival gifts to work as designed. Support your body with a proper diet, adequate exercise, and brain enrichment activities. You were given the gift of survival and the opportunity to achieve. Appreciate the gift and recognize it is in your DNA for decisions to be made naturally and instinctively. Your responsivity it to support the body and allow it to do what it was designed to do, make decisions that ensure your survival. The fight or flight is instinctive and powerful. So powerful is your instinct to survive that immediate safety is often mistaken as surviving. Your spirit must overcome the survival mode in order to place your life in the achievement mode. You must maximize the inherited with the opportunity. The synergy of the inherited gifts and the gift of opportunity is essential for the personal achievement to be realized. The inherited gifts were given and only require your support. Opportunity is a gift but achievement must be earned.  To reveal the gift of potential a person must enter the achievement mode. Operating within an achievement style requires a limitation of concern for survival. The concern should be the support of the natural. Proper food, water, and constructive brain activity are required.

Achievement requires risk. Riks is scary. Risk contradicts our natural instinct for survival. Survival is fooled by current conditions. Survival instincts are easily fooled because comfort can become uncomfortable in the blink of an eye. Comfort satisfies the immediate but blinds the future. Our immediate state satisfies the survival instinct and is blind to the future. This is why we were granted the ability to think. Our conscious mind must override our natural instinct. Our conscious mind must realize the risk involved in achievement and understand that our immediate safety does not mean our future is secure. A person must place themselves in harm's way to achieve. Your natural instinct only knows threats to safety. Natural instinct does not value achievement. Every person is given the gift of potential. We must move past comfort and recognize potential. Achieving your potential life requires more than your natural instinct. To receive the full benefits of life requires a recognition of all gifts.

We take our body for granted until it fades. We ignore our potential until we fade away. Has the time come for you to go further than survival? Has the time come for you to reach within and use your potential? Graveyards are full of unused potential. Your truest nature is to advance and achieve. Because survival is instinctive it frees your abilities to be used as achievement tools. Ray Dalio reminds us “The happiest people discover their own nature and match their life to it”. Allow your instincts and potential to combine. Use synergy to live the life of your dreams. Don’t deny what is yours. Achievers find no luxury in comfort. Surviving is not enough for achievers. Don’t betray the gifts given to you. Don’t betray yourself. It takes courage and persistence to go beyond the millions of years of survival programming. Your choice, survivalist or achiever?

Action step:      Write down what it was, as a child, you wanted to become as an adult. Your childhood dreams hold the key to your potential. Look at it often and allow it to remind you of what you could become.