02/01/18                                                                        Volume 2 Issue 11

Best You Guru

Decision Justification

Here is the truth. To achieve you must resist the decision justification tendency. It matters little to this blog whether it is a natural survival instinct our culturally derived method of discernment. People use decision justification as the reason to continue their current path. Somehow how we have brainwashed ourselves into believing our past steps are leading us in the direction of our goals. People will continue the path of least fulfillment or one of destruction using decision justification as their reasoning. People use all sorts of reasons to justify the validity of previous decisions. People will use decision justification even when faced with overwhelming evidence the decision is creating chaos or destruction. People use God, country, love, morals, other people, as well as a plethora of other reasons for our decisions. People avoid taking responsibility for decisions that did not produce the results as anticipated. Decision justification is a measure to avoid acknowledging we may have made a mistake. Many people find it difficult to accept decisions that did not produce the expected results. People tell themselves misguided lies rather than accepting the truth. 

The truth is there are no right or wrong decisions. Decisions are what we make them. The outcome of decisions and the activity resulting from decisions must be judged separately from the decisions. Decisions are simply thought processes which may produce a course of action. It is the course of action that people must analyze. Too often people never change the course of action for the fear of being unable to justify the decision in a socially acceptable manner. This is where people fail their dreams and goals. Even perfect decisions require adjustments in activity from time to time. Our history is filled with perfect decisions followed by the wrong activity. Perfect decisions followed by the wrong activity will produce unintended results. Wrong decisions followed by the correct activity may produce miracles. A rocket ship launched into outer space with the goal of a moon landing is off course 90 percent of the time. The rocket ship must constantly correct its course during the trip. The decision to launch must be followed up with corrective action during the entire trip. The time traveling the path to any goal must be filled the path with self-correcting activities. Life is a corrective action activity.      

Stop the process of decision justification and accept that all decisions are neutral at the point of origination. Decisions are neither right or wrong. They are what we make them. Each of us has the power to make the decisions right or wrong in their effect upon our lives. Decisions are neutral and the path to producing the intended results must be evaluated and corrected as necessary. You have power and influence over your decisions and the following activities. Embrace your power. Use your power.     

Action Step: Before making a decision write down at least five action steps to take immediately following the decision. 

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