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Everything but

Womb Lottery

Life is not fair. We acknowledge the ovarian lottery begins the luck of millions of people. Life may bring a person luck by surrounding them with the privilege of people helping people. The womb lottery is real. Being born into privileged brings opportunities but it does not negate a person’s hard work. Privilege brings many things but hard work is a personal path and it alone determines their true worth. 

Misguided gifts

Parents often fail to realize or accept the necessity of hard work required of their children. Parents often attempt to provide their children with all the necessary tools to survive without understanding what is required of true success. Many parents protect their children to the detriment of the child. Success is complicated, you need hard work and a lot of luck. Winning the womb lottery provides an advantage but not all that is required. Parents often give their children everything but a sense of purpose. Parents often give their children everything but skills for accomplishment. Everything but unconditional love. Everything but a moral compass. What is it is we give our children? Children are being denied a sense of purpose while being flooded with expectations. Children are being denied a sense of purpose because the social indoctrination has become filled with monetary measures. Children have been conditioned to accept a job as a measure of their success. The more money the job pays the more society deems it a success. This has become a major flaw in our thinking process. Jobs make you money but a career makes a life. Do not confuse the two. The link between self-worth and money is cancer in our society. We have sold our children short. We are leaving true success on the table. Just wanting to get rich isn’t going to cut it. Becoming rich doesn’t magically ensure a successful life. Wealth does not bring out the bad in people. It just exposes who they are at the core. There is nothing at the core if there is just a reflection of the expectations of others. What have you if the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of others are all that is at your core? There has to be meaning behind the money. 


“Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are.” Success can only come by living your authentic identity. Think of the world of abundance and not one of scarcity. Choose abundance. Abundance will always be your if you live your authentic identity. Live your life with an abundance of you. Live what is yours and leave nothing of your potential behind. It is not how much you have. It is how much you do with what you have. The emphasis is on what you have. What you have is within you. All else is not less relevant. You will never see a U-Haul attached to a hearse. Leave nothing of your potential but leave a legacy so that your name will always bring a feeling of gratitude. A person’s true success will be determined by the legacy they leave. 

Two Deaths 

Hold onto the realism of your last breath. As you take your last breath - at the very moment, everything you own belongs to someone else. Everything you are becomes your legacy. It has been said that we experience two deaths. Our first death is when we last breath on earth. Our second death is the last time our name is mentioned. Allow your name to be carried on for generations and spoken with the esteem and gratitude worthy of the gift of greatness bestowed upon you as you entered this world.    

Action step: 

1) Ask three friends to write your obituary. Ask them to be honest. Don’t ask any friend that will tell you what you want to hear. Don’t ask anyone not brave enough, to be honest. Give them one week.  

2) After all are returned. Do not read until you can read all three in one sitting.

3) Ask yourself one question, is this the legacy you desire.    


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