02/01/19                                                                    Volume 3 Issue 35

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Our culture and social institutions have been evolving for thousands of years at an exponential rate. Our internal evolution has not kept pace. For the first time in history, the question presents itself, will the human species be able to keep up with the evolution of technology. 

Technology is focused on changes that last lifetimes. People tend to focus on short-term needs. We are currently manipulating or engineering our brains and bodies to fit an immediate need with little regard for the consequences. This lack of understanding is having unintended consequences. We were built to last a lifetime so we must adopt a short, intermediate, and long-term thinking habit. We must begin to more fully utilize our human potential.


We have manipulated without understanding. Future consequences have been consequential and life-threatening. An environmental example can be found with irrigation and fertilization. For decades our use of irrigation and fertilization allowed us to grow the crops that feed us. Today we realize the pesticides have run off into our water which now poisons our water supply. Immediate gains may produce long term disaster. We have manipulated our children to go to school to get a job. Getting a job may create lifetime damage. We should focus on using our potential to live a meaningful life. Concentrating on obtaining a job has created an economy longing for creative and innovative minds. Currently, America has approximately 1.5 job million openings in the Information Technology field that Americans are unable to fill. We need creative and innovative people. It is ironic that we were born creative and innovative.


We have been advancing the world outside us. We must now focus on what is inside us. We understand so little about us. We don’t understand what we have been given. We have been given the gift of potential and we settle for the expectations of those around us. We are creating, within us a situation, similar to climate change. We manipulated the environment outside and produced an ecological collapse. We cannot afford to continue to do this within us. 

The most important step a person can do right now is to know themselves better. People are ill-equipped to handle the future because they are unaware of ourselves. We only know the product of years of socialization, standardization, and sterilization. Getting to know yourself is the only protection and path for personal achievement and fulfillment. You cannot protect yourself from being hacked if you fail to know yourself. Be aware that you have competition in the field of getting to know you. There are competing identities wanting to know you. Corporations and governments are trying to hack you. They will be able to sell you anything and convince you of anything if they get to know you better than you know yourself. 

Who owns the data controls the people. Who knows you best controls you the best. Who is the gatekeeper of the knowledge of you? You are in a race against all those data miners of knowledge of you. Stop the hacking and live as the authentic you.


Action step: Monitor your actions. Act more proactive and less reactive.

                        Monitor your thoughts. Know what you believe and know why.

                        Monitor your words both to yourself and others.       


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