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A way of seeing the world does not become widespread and influential because it is accurate or correct. Worldviews become powerful because they reflect the beliefs and serve the purpose of an important group of people. What if a powerfully important interest group held the worldview transmitting and living a life filled with compassion? Think of the possibilities if people removed themselves from the myopic macho character that has filled our entertainment world and replaced it with the embodiment of humble characteristics displaying altruistic compassion.     

Care Measure:

Research conducted by Stephen Trzeciak MD, MPH, and Anthony Mazzarelli MD. JD, MBE reports that when medical patients are asked what they consider imperative traits in a doctor, 85% want to be treated with dignity and respect, 27% say they want a doctor trained in the best medical schools, 58% responded they want a doctor with a lot of experience. They used numerous studies and pooled the information and found patient-centered care include kindness, empathy, and warmth

There is a survey called the “Care Measure” which measures compassion in the context of the therapeutic relationship during a one-one consultation between a clinician and patient. Evidence shows treating patients with compassion affects the physiological body and mind. We can learn much from the results of the care measure survey. The power of empathy, compassion, and care creates a positive force that can heal. This is a power each of us possesses. I ask you to become a positive force of compassion in your relationships. You don’t have to be a doctor or complete the “Care Measure” survey to care about other people. 


For this Blog, we define compassion as an emotional response to another person’s pain or suffering involving an authentic desire to help. Life is often an obstacle course that we must run. The hurdles can be high and life events can be painful. The compassion displayed by others can often help relieve much of the pain felt. There is much research indicating compassion helps modulate pain and creates trust. A little more trust can help create a better world. There is evidence that human connection modulates or can affect a person’s autonomic nervous system. A touch can mean much. A heartfelt touch or the physical touch of compassion affects the parasympathetic nervous system and boosts oxytocin. Compassion displayed with words of touch helps elevate all people around you.

In matters of business, compassion can increase revenue and decrease costs. Compassion creates customer loyalty and research indicate business customers are more likely to return to a business where employees display compassion. Compassion does not override a failed surgery, a failure in contract obligations, terrible customer service, or dishonesty in a relationship. Displaying compassion and competence is not an either-or situation. Compassion must exist with competence. 

The benefits of a compassionate world are numerous and benefit more than the recipient. Compassion is a two-way street – it heals and also helps those displaying it. True compassion requires a strong heart. The display of compassion builds a stronger mind and heat. Compassion is the true test of one’s faith and character. Compassion not acted upon is merely another word because acting upon compassion is where the power is found. Compassion can change the world. 

Personal recipient:

Allow me to describe a personal experience where compassion was in full display. I was testing for my 3rd degree Brown Belt and all I had left to complete was the final portion of the fighting segment. I had completed the technique, breaking, kata, and the majority of the fights. All I had left was a couple of fights. During one of my last fights, I was kicked in the back of my neck/head. That kick altered the direction of my martial arts training and my life. The last thing I remember of my test was the kick. The next thing I remember was being in the passenger seat of my car and a guy I didn’t know was driving. I asked him who the hell he was. His name is Steve Holland and he became a very good friend. We competed at tournaments throughout the state of Oklahoma. Steve informed me that I was knocked out. After I was revived, I continued and completed the test. I received my 3rd degree Brown Belt. I don’t remember any of that and I sure don’t remember getting into the car. Steve volunteered to drive me back to my home in Tulsa. Alan Kelly would pick him up at my house. Neither of these men knew me much less knew my address. They also lived in Tulsa so rather than leaving me in Oklahoma City they displayed compassion. Steve was hoping I would become coherent enough to provide him my address. His gamble paid off. A strong friendship developed because he displayed compassion and helped me in my time of need.

Compassion is underrated in our me-first macho driven culture. As a society, we must begin to show more compassion for people, animals, and the environment.


Action step: 

1) Make eye contact with people. A bond is made. Make it positive bond.    

2) Be mindful your facial expression often mimics your thoughts.

3) Be mindful of the tone of your voice. Make sure it reflects your intent.  

4) Listen to want is being said. Listen to the words, tone, and know the context.  

5) Do not respond to be heard. Respond to display understanding and compassion.



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