01/15/20                                                                                                       Volume 4 Issue 58

Best You Guru™

You knew as a child

You were born with a purpose and seeds of greatness to live your purpose. Your genetic make-up provides the ingredients. It is in our nature to achieve, succeed, and live life to its fullest. We are a wondrous creature with inventions yet to develop, discoveries yet to unfold, and advancements the world is yet to witness. Given the opportunity, resources and support the realm of possibilities is ever-expanding. We are indeed unique with potential. Our potential seems to be nebulous to our daily thoughts but potential should be positively addressed daily. We either move close to living our potential or move further away with each and every day. With each breath, we move. There is nothing in the middle of the road except dead armadillos. Don’t remain motionless. Live your unique potential. Achievement disintegration is a slow and often unseen progression into adulthood. We were born with greatness and then bury it in conformity. Sameness triumphs in society and humankind’s greatness is lost in the whirlpool of orthodoxy.        


They knew   

Tanya Tucker knew at 9, Elton John was performing at 7, Leon Russell was playing the piano at the age of 4, Warren Buffett read “One Thousand Ways to Make $1,000 when he was 7, Elon Musk taught himself computer programming at the age of 10 and sold the code of a BASIC-based video game called Blastar for $500 at the age of 12, David Ponsler created art before he rode a bike and now his art is displayed in museums, Gary Clark Jr. began the journey at 12 and now shares his art with the world is a Grammy award winner and the list goes on. Gray Clark Jr., in a recent interview, said he isn’t special, he is just a kid with a guitar. The same can be said for our unique gifts. This is a shortlist of people, there are more, who knew and built upon what they knew to be true. They built upon their inherent greatness. They did not exchange their greatness with society’s ornaments. They remained true to themselves and the world is a better place. Because of them and their contributions cultures are built. They create the very things we fight and die to maintain. They are the fruits of freedom. The whirlpool of orthodoxy did not drown the greatness of these people. They escaped and avoided the trap of the sameness of conformity. They escaped by holding onto the person they knew themselves to be. They built upon what given to them as their birthright. They took the risk of living as themselves and built upon the foundation that will never fail them. They bet on themselves and ignored the societal version of themselves. They thought better of themselves to trade themselves for the opinions of others. They accepted the challenge of polishing the diamond within.



You knew

As a child, you also displayed the gifts of your unique greatness. You experienced the wonder of it all. As a child, you knew of the possibilities awaiting you. In your beginning, you were unafraid of your dreams and aspirations. You had the bravery of conviction. The dishonesties of adulthood hadn’t slain your potential. You were prepared to answer life’s universal question. The universal question faces every individual. Each person, in the solitude of our thoughts, will answer this question. Some people answer it early in life and their life’s walk is lighter. Many people walk the path of life with the heaviness of a trodden spirit. These people will be forced to answer the ignored question of life. Have you remained true to your unique gifts of greatness?  


You were born with an authentic identity. You entered the world with the desire to achieve. Each of us is born with the tremendous potential contained in our genome. A baby’s determination to walk is an early sign of a child’s desire to achieve. Humankind has progressed because of our need to achieve. It is the institutions and mores of a society that seeks sameness and conformity. It is the human achievement yearning that propels human progress and permits the breaking of constraints of conformity. The genome is your set of chromosomes with all of your genes. It is the foundation of your greatness. It contains the potential to achieve all your dreams. You do have all that it takes to achieve your authentic dreams. Life’s paradox is our dreams are juxtaposed to society’s expectations. If we don’t hold them tight, our dreams will be replaced. If we don’t hold tight the child within us, the authentic you will be replaced by a cultural illusion. How genes are expressed can determine how people experience life. The genetic expression can vary greatly among the populace depending upon the nurturing process. A lifelong struggle begins almost immediately. A struggle between individual fulfillment and confirming to societal demands. Nothing in your life is more important than you. You are worth the struggle. Fight for your potential, fight for your vision, and fight for your life. 


It takes too much energy to hold onto the lie about you. It takes less energy to live the authentic you. Live this life as the person you were born to be. Build on the promises of your youth and live as the person you were meant to be. Transform and adhere to the deep truth of you. Be conscious of who you were born to be. Be conscious of who you were told to be. Know the difference. Your dreams did not die they are still within you. 


Action step: Write a paragraph about your childhood ambitions. How did you view the adult you? Now review the paragraph and ask yourself, “does this look like my life?”  


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