01/15/19                                                                        Volume 3  Issue 34

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                                      Technology and in Democracy

 Hold on, sit tight, and be advised. We are discussing the greatest disruptors in human history. Innovation and technology are changing our world. We believe it is imperative that you hold onto your authentic identity and be true to you. We believe you should be aware and vigilante.

Artificial Intelligence and biometric sensors have the ability to structure a world where freedom may become less desirable by the populace. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to destroy our liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is not as predictable and safe as a world of Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms and biometrics are much more efficient and effective at population control. Are we being hacked to forsake our authentic identity because we need to fit an algorithm? Authentic identity is a threat to the control artificial intelligence can have over society. We at Best You believe the authentic identity also has the potential to enhance the positive impact artificial intelligence can have on human potential. If used properly artificial intelligence will enhance our authentic identity and advance mankind in a positive way.

Liberal democracy is an information distributive system where information is distributed to the populace and the populace discerns the relevance of the information. An authoritarian system holds all information in one place. Artificial Intelligence and technological advances have made it efficient for a centralized decision-making process. Prior to the 21st century, centralized decision making was not possible. Individuals were in greater control of informative input and thus beneficiaries of output more aligned with individual desires. The centralized data process is now more efficient then distributive data processing. This change in data mining and processing has allowed for the creation of processes for greater population control. This is a danger to liberal democracies and the authentic identity. The greatest danger facing liberal democracies and the integrity of the authentic identity is the revolution in information technology. Dictatorships have the ability to become much more efficient than democracies. Millennials and the generations to come may never experience the freedom found in democracies.

Technology will make a lie appear as truth because the people will have lost the ability to discern. The ability to concentrate all information in one place will be the greatest advantage of authoritarianism. Advancing technology is a threat to liberal democracy and the only tool the populace has to use this technology for the advancement of humankind is to embrace the authentic identity of each individual. Freedom for the people must come from the freedom of the individual to embrace the person they were born to be. Ethically and economically we must seek an agenda of authentic identity for the welfare of the populace and not just a few. We need to liberalize our government to protect the privacy and potential of the individual. Giant databases, artificial intelligence, and most technology ignores the ethical treatment and economic advancement of the individual.

Algorithms making decisions on behalf of humankind must be checked. Algorithms deciding on who receives the amount and type of healthcare, housing, education, and everyday life-altering decisions must be checked with ethics. Algorithms will always present more efficient decisions but at what cost. A dependency on algorithms will deter humankind and force a subservient position of the individual to technology. Algorithms should serve the authentic identity. People must avoid serving algorithms regardless of efficiency. If we choose algorithms humankind will witness a diminishing of human rights and individualism.

The merger of information technology and biotechnology is of even greater danger to the individual. Algorithms may indeed know the individual better than the individual knows themselves on a biological level. But the human potential and spirit cannot be measured. An external system like the government, insurance companies, or some other external identity will have greater power once they have algorithms based on biotechnology. Algorithms will be able to predict and manipulate emotions and feelings. Dictators may not be able to provide good health care but they will be able to manipulate your feelings to love them and hate the opposition.

The enemies of democracy have a method. They hack our feelings of fear, hate, and vanity. They use those feelings to polarize and destroy democracies from within. Democracies are not based on rationality. Democracy is based on feelings and freedom. Elections are a perfect example. Politicians don’t want you to think, they want you to feel. They know feelings can be hijacked. Emotions can be manipulated. The authentic identity remains constant but too often ignored. Feelings represent biochemical processes on our bodies. Algorithms based on data collection of those processes are a method of control. Contrived emotions are not a representation of free will. This is why connecting to the authentic identity is critical. The human operating system can be hacked with the right amount of data. The data is available. The only defense against the hijacking of the individual is the authentic identity. The authentic identity is the body’s natural antivirus.


Action step: Disconnect from technology and take a walk with nature. Spend an hour or two away from the manipulation of your identity. Spend an hour or more connected only to what is natural. Connect to the truth to maintain balance. Nature is the best realization of truth found in our world. Get back to your innocence, your hope, your possibilities, and your truth.    Hold on, sit tight, and be advised. We are discussing the greatest disruptors in human history. Innovation and technology are changing our world. We believe it is imperative that you hold onto your authentic identity and be true to you. We believe you should be aware and vigilante.


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