01/15/18                                                                     Volume 2 Issue 10                                                       Best You Guru

Image a person who knew as much; cared as much and was as emotional about their personal achievement or wealth creation as they are about their favorite sports team. Imagine a stadium full of people cheering on a Saturday afternoon after looking at their financial scorecard. Instead of finding a crowd of people cheering others to victory we could see a crowd cheering each other to victory. There is an argument to be made we are not living to our potential. We are misguided in our passions. We are socialized to adopt a state of emotional disqualification from our own inner-directed personal achievement. We are taught, instructed, and socialized to become emotional about particular movies, a fashion trend, a sports team, and numerous other non-essential matters. Financial security is not something we were socialized to become emotional or develop a passion. In fact, we are often instructed that it is impolite to talk of money. We could talk about sports and other people but never about how to generate financial security. Money is not a topic the majority of people were socialized to speak on. If you were poor, broke, or lived paycheck to paycheck you were likely socialized to be embarrassed, blame others, or angry.  I believe we should never be embarrassed, blame others, or angry for your lack of financial well-being. We must understand that each of us can participate in the game of financial empowerment. We must become a stakeholder economy as opposed to a shareholder economy. 

The United States has job-specific human capital. This is disastrous for the individual in an AI economy.  Artificial Intelligence is a force in our economy and the only way to counter-balance this impact is to empower ourselves. Improving the value of human capital must become the focus of the individual. Gaining social trust should become the focus of the American industry. Personality achievement and social trust are critical to our financial stability.    

Do not desert your dreams, hopes, or desires to achieve. We don't desert our favorite sports teams for a losing season. Look at the fans of the Chicago Cub. They held faith for 108 years. Imagine if we all could become as emotional about our personal achievement as the Cub fans are about their Cubs. They remained faithful to their dreams of a World Series championship for 108 years. We should all be as faithful to our personal achievement. Imagine what you could accomplish if you become as loyal to your potential. Learn to ignite strong feelings for your personal achievement. Learn to use emotions as a tool for achievement instead of the ally of complacency.  Get emotional about your success. Be loyal to your dreams.  

Action Step:      For every reason, you can name for not achieving a goal   

                        produce a reason you can.

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