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                                                               Finding Good in 2021

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 Literature for 2021:

At this time each year, I recommend a few of the books I read from the previous year. I believe these books are worth your time:

   “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States” by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

   “Blowout” by Rachel Maddow

   “No is not enough” by Naomi Klein

   “Quiet” by Susan Cain

   “The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard

 Keynes” by Zachary D. Carter

Finding Good


Finding good requires a definition of good. Let us define good as something that advances humankind conforming to the moral order of the universe. Something that uplifts people, benefits the environment, and advances the ethical treatment of all living things. Before we can find good in the world, we must find it in ourselves. I ask that we begin our search with ourselves. Finding good is a spiritual journey that begins with an internal reflection and requires certain attributes.       

Required Attributes:

Empathy: The ability to feel or understand what another person is experiencing. Your life experiences, your frame of reference, provides you the ability to place yourself in another’s situation. Empathy helps us connect to others and establish an understanding beyond what is readily apparent. Empathy and sympathy are often used interchangeably. They differ in that sympathy is a feeling of concern for someone without the understanding involved in empathy. Empathy requires an understanding of a person’s feelings. 

          Humility: An attitude of modesty with an understanding of our place in the natural universal order of things. Humility requires strength. A strength that allows us to understand that our thoughts, desires, dreams, and our very existence are a fragment in the greatness of the universe. We should not take ourselves too seriously but our impact may have significance. Maintaining a mindset of confident humility increases our overall wellbeing.        

Integrity: Derived from the Latin word integer which means whole or complete. The practice of honest consistency in action and words. It is the opposite of hypocrisy. Too often we substitute societal ethics, values, and expectations as one a person should display before we call them a person of integrity. This may create a cognitive dissonance within individuals causing stress and anxiety. Having integrity means a person acts with the values and beliefs they claim to hold. Be true to your authentic identity and be what you claim. 

Purpose: The reason for the creation, existence, attempt, intent, completion, or design of everything has a purpose. There is a reason you exist. Personal good can only be served when you discover and live your purpose. Finding good begins with finding your good. Your purpose is good. Serve your purpose. 

Giving: People are remembered with fondness for what they gave and not for what they kept for themselves. “Judge them by coins they give away and not the ones they keep themselves from spending”. I suggest a person never give out of guilt, pressure, or because of societal expectations. I am a strong advocate of giving. My advice to display the good within you is to follow some simple guidelines:     

                    1) Discount what people try to sell you

2) Discount norms, mores, and expectations

3) Never feel guilt for not giving. Your spirit is not one of guilt.

4) Give when your spirit tells you

5) Give where you feel led

6) Never judge how they use what you gave. Your only obligation was to give. Once you give it belongs to another to use as they choose.

Giving shows your appreciation for what has been given you.   

Good originates within you. The good of the world begins with you. You must recognize what is within you before you can see the good of the world. The only time we have is now. There is no time in the past, only memories of what was. There is no future time, only hope of what will be. The only time we have is now

The time to wait is never. Good begins with you and manifests itself in meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Finding the good in 2021 begins with finding it within you.  

Action step: 

Find the goodness within you by answering these questions each day for a week:

1) How did I display empathy today?

2) How did I display humility today?

3) How did I display integrity today?

4) Did I serve my purpose today?

5) Did I give without expectations today?


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