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Best You Guru™

                                                                    The 2020 You

Thank you and Welcome 

We truly appreciate the readers that welcomed us into their lives. For those new to our Blog please be aware of our writing style. Writers either write to be heard or to be read. Our blog is written in a style to be heard. So, while reading our blogs imagine that I am there talking to you. I write as I talk. 

Best You Services

We want to inform our new readers about the services we offer:  

1) Best You Yoga – Robin is an RYT 500  

2) The Best You Discussion – a discussion about direction, purpose, and happiness    

3) Achievement by Design – Prepares a plan to achieve your purpose

4) Self-Defense– Harry is a Hall of Fame Black Belt in Karate 

5) Private consultations – discussions relevant to your specific needs 

Visit our website www.Best YouGuru.com to learn more.   

Finding you 

Each of us should consider finding the "you" required to embrace the adventures of a new year. The person you were in 2019 may not be prepared for 2020. What will be required to move forward and achieve all that is waiting for you? Will the person you were in 2019 be enough? I suggest finding you for 2020. Find that light within your soul that defines you. This is what is required for 2020. 

Living in the past is a bad recipe for living in the future. The past is great for remembrance but not for living. Living in the present requires freedom. The freedom required for advancing humankind. This freedom is not as much a physical state as a mental state of being. This freedom can be found living inside a prison facility. True freedom cannot be limited by outside conditions. Living as a prisoner can be found in the lives of people living physically free. A prisoner of the mind can be more damaging to the soul. Real freedom can only be found in you embracing the truest you and living as you. The mental state of you. No one can ever take away this freedom if you know this and live mentally free. Walls cannot define you. It only denies the physical you but not the whole you. Soul stealing prison is living in the mental state of the institutional version of you. Being a prisoner cannot be defined merely by physical structures.      

Each of us has a personal mandate to fill in our lives. Freedom is required to fulfill your mandate. There are many ways to fill your mandate but it can only be filled by you. Society cannot tell you of your mandate. Society can only supply the tools and skills necessary to assist you. No other person on this planet can fill it for you. It is your mandate. It requires the freedom of the mind unencumbered by the past or societal limitations. Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, provides great truth when he states “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”   

One of the disadvantages of modern society, with numerous social media devices, is that our minds become reactive to information and thus diminishes its proactive prowess. Peer pressure is tremendous and the dangers underestimated. We have communicative platforms that tell us what to wear, where to eat, what to say, how to think, what to believe, and the list goes on to address every issue in our modern lives. We are being hacked and we unknowingly invite the intrusion into our thoughts. 

Everyone claims to be different, to be unique, and they live by their rules. There is a danger found in our ability to fool ourselves with this illusionary uniqueness found with reactive thought processes. The popularity of social websites provides information detailing a standardization of humankind. People are becoming progressively reactivate and dependent on the stimulus provided by sources contrary to their well-being. People want to be different just like everyone else. We are born different and then we spend our lives trying to be different just like everyone else. We are allowing our brains to use only a portion of the potential.    

Proactive and reactive

People are increasing the use of the reactive portion of our brain and ignoring the proactive regions of our intelligence. Our communication platforms are aiding in this increased usage of reactive brain patterns. A click is becoming a common response. The click is reactive. Research reveals that approximately 32 million American adults are functionally illiterate. Functional literacy is the acquisition of a tangible skill set of reading, writing, and basic cognitive skills. Using this skill set in ways that contribute to social-economic development, social awareness, critical thinking for personal and social progress. A society with approximately 1 out 7 adults functionally illiterate is not a model for an industrialized nation. An estimated 63 million American adults read between a 6th and 8th-grade level. Proactive reasoning and thinking are declining and as a result, our ability to function in a complex society is lessening. We can follow directions and submit to the pressures of others. We have become submissive in our responsibility to ourselves. Research also reveals the average American adult fails to read a complete book after they finish their formal education. Reading is one of the best methods to engage and strengthen your proactive brain skills. We should encourage one another to use and sharpen brain skills. We should encourage one another to be proactive with our thought processes.  

In that effort, what were your 5 favorite books you read in 2019? Here is my list. I ask you to pass your list to your friends so they may enjoy the books as well. My list has no particular order: 

1) An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal

2) Homo Deus by Yural Noah Harari

3) Notorious RBG by Irin Carmont and Shana Knizhnik

4) The Heart of Everything That Is by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin 

5) How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt 

I hope that you find at least one of the books as enjoyable as I did. You will never live fully as your best you if you predominantly use your reactive brain. The more reactive a person becomes the less likely they are to live their potential. Reading is an exercise that develops our greatest asset, the brain. Use social media less and read more. You were given the greatest tool ever devised so I ask you to use it to its fullest capacity.    

Action step: Create a list of your favorite reads of 2019. Give the list to a friend and ask them to create a list for 2020 and give it to you in 2021. Let them know you want to spend time with the best and the brightest of people. This is one tool to help each of us achieve our dreams. Help those surrounding you fulfill their mandate and live a fruitful life.   

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