01/01/19                                                                    Volume 3 Issue 33 

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                                                  Who were you born to be? 

A new year represents a new beginning. Designing your achievement can be that new beginning. Your achievement must be designed by you. True personal achievement cannot prepackage by social institutions for you. Peace, happiness, and a sense of purpose can be found in personal achievement. Playing life by rules of a bygone era will only produce bygone results. Achievement must be measured by a personal benchmark. One group of people have awakened to realize yesterday’s efforts will not produce the personal achievement goals of today. Millennials recognize life is not as advertised. The rules of hard work, in-depth study, and paying your dues is not working for them. Those rules are no longer enough to fill the promises of your potential. Examples of a person going from to mail room to board room are no longer prominent in today’s work environment. The bubble wrapped, participation trophy, helicopter generation are realizing they have been deceived. They are not special and the world demands more than just showing up. The promises of yesterday are not fulfilling the requirements of today.  

The rules of a bygone era may no longer apply in today’s world. However, the rewards are greater for properly placed effort. It is time to awaken the potential within the individual and develop a plan. Opportunities for living a fulfilling life are greater than at any time in history. Millennials were socialized to play by rules that do not work. Hitting a home run while playing football produces little reward. Many people are hitting home runs but participating in the wrong game. Hitting home runs without a self-derived and self-directed plan serves no personally rewarding achievement. Designing any personally rewarding achievement plan can only begin at the beginning. Self-actualization must begin with the self. Any fruitful achievement plan that discovers the potential of the individual begins by answering one simple question. Who were you born to become? 


Who were you born to become is a simple question that could change a person’s life providing peace, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. It is a question that is too often avoided. It is often ignored. It is a risky question. A person must determine who they were in their childhood, before entering adulthood, for the personal achievement to be fulfilling. The socialization process, in becoming an adult, has taken us away from the true potential found within each of us. If we are to live a fuller life, we must live our authentic identity. Our authentic identity can be found in our childhood games, hobbies, and desires. What did you enjoy as a child? What were your daydreams?  How did you spend your discretionary time? What were your ambitions? Simply stated, who were you? To live to your potential a person must believe in themselves. A person must believe in their purpose. A person must have a belief system that involves their authentic identity. True happiness can be found living the gift of potential. A system of belief providing hope becomes the process by which an individual achieves more of the inherent potential. A person must believe in themselves and their inherent gifts. This is the game each person must play to achieve their true potential. The rules are simple:  

1) Live life as the authentic you.

2) When life seems unfulfilling refer to rule 1

Optimism and grit are required to achieve the two most beneficial element of successful living. Meaningful work and meaningful relationships. To be meaningful it must be authentic. Without you, nothing is meaningful in your life. So why live life as anyone but you? Achievement must be aligned with the individual authentic identity otherwise the achievement will not satisfy the soul. A person may display happiness at another person’s success and achievements. A person may be happy at another’s happiness. But that version of happiness pales in comparison to the happiness found within an individual’s personal achievements. A person must live authentically if they are to achieve a meaningful life filled with peace, joy, and happiness. Each individual must live as the person before the socialization process derails the potential of the authentic identity. The world needs more of the potential of the authentic identity. A few people never lose their way and never lose sight of their potential. Review the lives of truly happy, peaceful and successful people and you will discover the secret is they never swayed from their authentic identity. The kept their eyes on the prize. The prize of life is living it as you.     

Action step: Refer back to old photos and tether yourself to that person.

                    Tether yourself to your childhood hopes and dreams.  

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